This year’s winter guard show (which does not have a title) is based off of black widows, but the real meaning behind the show is more along the lines of being part of a family at first but then breaking off to become an independent individual and being able to accept that. So in the case of our show, in the beginning (the first movement), we just emerged out of the “spider egg” and a lot of choreography was designed to interact with fellow team members to instill the idea that we’re a unity/family. In the second movement, the darker side of the spider is exposed. As the music changes into an eerie tone, we (as spiders) start to discover this darker side of us, our instincts to kill and hunt. Finally, third movement is all about breaking away from our “family” and realizing that to become a spider is very lonely but it is something we have to accept and come to terms with. But of course, this is only our coach’s interpretation of the show, we welcome the audience to interpret the show their own way because art itself is very subjective.

-Helen Yip


Winterguard 2014 Video